March 16, 2020

Dear BMS Families,

RSU 1 and Bath Middle School are committed to an environment and experience that keeps the safety, health, and well-being of our students and staff at the forefront of what we do. To that end, we have formulated the below plan for this extended school closure.  Per the guidance of the Maine Department of Education, school days missed will not be required to be made-up. However, we realize that an extended school closure will have a significant impact on students and their families. Below are the academic recommendations for BMS students:

  • Students read for a total of at least an hour a day for English Language Arts class.

  • Students with computer access complete an hour of Math practice in IXL daily. 

  • Students check Google Classroom and their school email for enrichment opportunities provided by classroom teachers, should they be sent.  This is not a requirement, but some teachers may have supplementary activities they want to share to encourage further learning. 

  • Students complete any take-home packets they have been given by teachers, if applicable. 

  • Students are encouraged to get up and move (go outside and take a walk, do a GoNoodle [] on their own, etc.) to keep up their physical activity daily, if possible.

This work is only recommended as a way for students to keep engaged with school and lessons while we wait for school to start up again.  Student work during this time may receive extra Habits of Work grades, but there will be no penalty or negative impact on student grades for any students that do not complete the work. Student work will not be graded for academic content standards.  While students are home, RSU 1 staff will be checking in throughout the time off to see how students are doing. I would also like to let families know that Parent Teacher conferences that were scheduled for March 26th have also been cancelled.

Please remember that children do best with continuity and routine.  We will keep you informed of our plans as they further develop.


Brandon Ward