The Allied Arts team includes the School Counselor, Library/Digital Literacy, as well as teachers of Physical Education, Foreign Language and Music.

Chorus occurs 5 days in a 10 day period for students who are interested. BMS students also audition for Special Chorus.

Students in Band participate in band rehearsals 5 days in a 10 day cycle. Band students may audition for Jazz Band as well.

6th graders participate in General Music, Library/Digital Literacy, and Foreign Language for 25 days during the year. 6th graders also have Guidance Class once every other week taught by our school counselor.

  • Mrs. Knights - School Counselor
  • Mrs. Gilbert - Library
  • Mr. Chipman & Mrs. Gagnon - Music - Website 
  • Mr. Bennoch & Mrs. Mills - Physical Education - Website 
  • Srta. Rattey - Spanish
  • Madame Lupine - French