BMS students have the opportunity to participate in many school activities. Information on each group or activity can be found here. 


The purpose of the BMS Student Council shall be to:

  1. Promote the welfare of the school

  2. Develop a democratic spirit among students

  3. Direct student activities

  4. Encourage practice of good citizenship among students 

Advisors: Karen Curley, Maria Newcomb 


The BMS Safe club is an organization focused on ensuring the lgbt + students and their allies feel safe and supported in their school environment. SAFE stands for students advocating for equality and this is the first year SAFE has been at BMS. This group meets weekly and is open to all students. For more questions contact Mrs. Knights at


Yearbook Staff is responsible for the creation of the BMS Yearbook. The staff begins the year by deciding on the layout of the book and taking photographs around the school and at school activities. As pictures become available the staff begins the process of layout and copy of individual pages. This process will take most of the year to complete. The Yearbook staff is also responsible for the marketing and sale of the yearbook, and has to meet deadlines and pay close attention to details. The amount of time commitment varies throughout the year with various deadlines that must be met. Winter and early spring are the busy times for the yearbook staff.

Advisors: Wendy Jung


The Math Team competes in Interscholastic math competitions. There are currently about twenty 7th and 8th graders on the team. We are part of the Southern Maine Math League, a league which contains about thirty schools throughout Southern Maine.
Advisors: Rick Hogan and Rick McGuire 


The goal of the BMS Wellness committee is to give students opportunities to have new, exciting experiences and to learn to appreciate and enjoy what their outdoor environment has to offer. The committee is open to all BMS students and staff. Membership may change with each expedition. Expeditions may include: hiking, kayaking , snow tubing/sledding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, rock climbing, biking. The club is always open to new ideas for exciting adventures.
Advisors: Diana Hixon, Karen Curley, Colby Gail, and Tom Bennoch.